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With over 20 years of hotel management experience, we have carefully thought through each facet of hotel management and honed our philosophy for each component.  


With our roots in analytics, we have highly sophisticated approaches to revenue management, sales and digital marketing, labor and cost controls.  With our culture of deep respect for team members, we work hard to build a place where associates want to be their best for guests every day, and where their caring shines through.  


We've rolled up our sleeves to work in every department in a hotel, and know when to keep things simple and focused and when to apply critical thinking and rigor where it counts--all to deliver superior returns.


We believe that yield management is one of the most important elements of day-to-day operations to the bottom line and returns.  Coming from highly analytical backgrounds, we have developed sophisticated methods of managing revenue from strategy through execution to deliver high impact and measurable results.


Sales and digital marketing have become more important components of revenue than ever before.  Having grown up in sales and marketing in Silicon Valley tech companies, we believe that there can be major gains in both the effectiveness and efficiency of the many facets of the sales and marketing efforts.  Hotel sales people are notoriously busy, but how and where they spend their time can make an enormous difference in results.  In the world of digital marketing, staying at the forefront of the latest channels and options similarly can deliver superior results.  We have sophisticated and disciplined approaches to sales and marketing that have helped distance us consistently from the competition and deliver more profit.


Hotels are fundamentally a “people business” and we take great pride in the cultures we have built at each of our properties that results in long term tenure and outstanding guest service.  We firmly believe that happy team members deliver great customer service and we have developed numerous programs to ensure we are an outstanding place to work.


We have managed a wide range of food and beverage operations from high-end chef-led restaurant concepts to large-scale banquet and convention services to Starbucks in-hotel cafes.  We have managed over 25 outlets in hotels as well as free-standing chain restaurants, and we appreciate the opportunities and challenges of different sizes and scale operations and goals.  We also have extensive experience in concepting and re-concepting restaurants to stay relevant and to grow covers and average check size to ensure profitability in an ever-changing world.


Spas have become an increasingly important element of full-service luxury hotels, and we have extensive experience in spa management from developing and evolving concepts to marketing and creating a menu of massages, facials, treatments and service details that enhance the positioning and locale of the hotel or resort. 


Having built software companies and spending our careers in Silicon Valley, we work hard to leverage technology and rapidly evolve with its fast innovations.  Whether IT is guest-facing or helps our associates operate more effectively and efficiently, we are passionate about continually finding ways to enable technology to help improve how we operate and deliver guest satisfaction.


Being owners, we know how critical risk management is to ensuring that we can sleep well at night.  Over several years, in partnership with Marsh, we developed a comprehensive risk management program that considers all aspects of risk from the property to corporate and investor levels.  Though education about risk management down to the property level takes time, it is essential to protecting investors, lenders and the asset, and thus overall returns.


With proven results from acquisition to refinancing to management to disposition, we have extensive experience in the full life cycle of asset management across a wide range of hotel properties.  Whether developing or acquiring an asset, negotiating a brand or management agreement, providing active oversight to improve a current hotel through operations and/or capital planning and investment, or preparing for a financing event or sale, we have a breadth and depth of experience to ensure investment goals are achieved.


We have a long track record in design and construction management that is truly of the “been there done that” school and frankly we have learned from many mistakes.  We utilize our own in-house designers and general contractors and have done everything from gut renovations to ground-up builds to full conversions to interior and exterior remodels to historical buildings and everything in between.  Even better, we have lived with our own design and construction as long-time owners, so have a very real world view of the many tradeoffs made in these projects that can cost or save real money.

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